Azure Policy

What is Azure Policy? Azure Policy is something that's been on my radar for a little while as it provides a solution to some of our "internal cloud provider" issues. For us it's been problematic to be the delivers of cloud solutions but tending to be on the

mise en place

If haven't yet had a chance to watch Netflix's Chef's Table, do it! Now, I'm not on the Netflix payroll nor would pop television normally come up as a topic of discussion for a tech automation blog BUT Chef's Table is a little different. Is it a touch overblown? Yes.

I'm currently taking a break from the iOS course on treehouse; lots of C, lots of Xcode and is totally awesome. What the heck is treehouse? Well it's here : Treehouse! I work primarily with Microsoft technologies, SCCM, Powershell to name a couple, and have wanted for some time to expand

Unfortunately it didn't last, not that I wasn't extremely hopeful, but the work around to get the system to do exactly what I wanted ended up doing only most of what I wanted. Close but no cigar. In the end I have taken up a hosted exchange option which has

Having recently decided to investigate options other than Google Apps ( I've backtracked somewhat (a regression of sorts) to a time prior to Gmail, and if memory serves, a time prior to Google itself. I have a number of clients running their